Wood floor sanding and varnishing

Wood floor sanding and varnishing by MP Schuurtechniek! What’s the best flooring option you can choose? Laminate, vinyl, tile, or even concrete? If elegance and class are the top priorities in your home, then none of these options will appeal to you. You’ll naturally gravitate towards wooden floors. These floors can make any house look expensive. And it’s not just the beauty that will impress you. You’ll also find them much easier to clean and maintain compared to other types of floors. Even with the many perks, you’ll need to sand and varnish the floors once every few years. Our floor sanding and varnishing service will make the floors hard-wearing. The process also helps to keep your floors looking gorgeous. It simply involves the removal of the outer layer of the wood to expose a fresh surface. Not sure whether your floors are ready for sanding and varnishing? Call us today, and we’ll come inspect them for free.

Wood floor sanding and varnishing

Why varnish a wooden floor

First impressions matter. We’ve realized that a great way to impress visitors in your home is to varnish the wood floors. Varnishing also provides a protective shield that prevents water from seeping into the wood. This doesn’t just prevent the wood from rotting. It also ensures that the floor doesn’t get any stains. If you’re clueless about the types of varnish available, don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice about wood floor sanding in Rotterdam. Our technicians are highly experienced and will leave your floor looking beautiful.

Wood floor sanding and varnishing


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Benefits of a varnished floor

What’s the point of wood floor sanding and varnishing? As we’ve mentioned already, the process makes your floors look a lot more beautiful. UV rays won’t damage the floors since the varnish provides a buffer. This is how varnish increases the durability of the wood. Our experienced technicians will apply the varnish perfectly to ensure that the floor doesn’t get damaged for at least a few years. Keep in mind that it needs to be re-applied after some years, and it can get worn out easily if your household is busy.

Maintenance tips for a varnished floor

Now that you’ve completed the wood floor sanding and varnishing, it’s time to learn how to maintain the floor. You should first buy a vacuum or brush for dry cleaning. It’s a good idea to clean along the grain of the floor as this helps to remove any trapped dirt. Make an effort to clean the surface at least once every day. The other thing you should do is damp clean the floor on a weekly basis. Remember that residual water can slowly seep into the wood, so you have to dry the floor completely. for maintenance products check out our web-shop.

Free floorinspection and advice on location

At this point, you’re probably wondering when you should carry out wood floor sanding and varnishing. If your floor has signs of discoloration or damage, you can call us for an inspection about wood floor sanding and the possibilities for treatment. This service is completely free. If your floor is due for sanding and varnishing, we’ll give you a free quotation.

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