Wood floor sanding and oiling services

Wood floor sanding and oiling by the experts of MP Schuurtechniek! If you’ve had wooden floors for some years, you’ve likely noticed a change in the appearance of the wood. It has likely gotten discolored because of exposure to the elements. There’s also a good chance that it has absorbed spills and is now stained. In some cases, the wood suffers damage and scratches since heavy furniture is constantly being pushed on it. This shouldn’t worry you. With our wood floor sanding and oiling service, they will look brand new. Our technicians will simply remove the top layer of the wood to expose a fresh surface. And the best part is that you won’t need to deal with the dust later. Our service is dust-free, so people with asthma and other allergies won’t suffer any effects. 

wood floor sanding and oiling

Oiling for a natural look

Once the wood is sanded, it needs to be treated with oil. We apply a thin layer of oil evenly on the floor and let it dry. If necessary, we’ll also apply a second layer of oil. This offers a few benefits, including the improved appearance of the wood. Clear oil doesn’t change the color of the wood and simply enhances its look. Let us know if you want colored oil to change the look of the wood entirely. Like all other forms of decoration, oiling has to be done properly and professionally for the best results. Contact us to learn about the different types of wood oil we have, as well as their pros and cons.

wood floor sanding and oiling


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Why sanding and oiling

Wood floor sanding is essential. The process doesn’t just make your floors look better; it also makes them durable. With a sanded and oiled floor, liquid stains won’t seep into the wood, meaning staining will be a non-issue. Since water absorption is minimized, wood rot and decay will be minimized. This will ensure that the floor is durable.

Benefits of an oiled floor

Our team of experts will oil your wooded floors to protect them from damage and enhance their look. Wood floor sanding and oiling also offer the following benefits:
It prevents weathering since the wood won’t be exposed to the elements.
UV degradation will be minimized since the oil acts as a buffer. This is especially important for outdoor furniture.
Fungal growth will be limited since the surface won’t have the elements necessary for the plant to develop.
The floor won’t have scratches and will look beautiful for many years.

Maintenance tips for an oil floor

Once the wood floor sanding and oiling are complete, you’ll need to maintain it to keep it looking its best. But what’s the best way of maintaining an oil floor? First, you’ll have to get a vacuum, scissor mop, or soft-bristled brush. This has to be used for daily cleaning. Keep in mind that cleaning along the grain helps to remove trapped dirt. If this dirt is left on the surface, it can cause scratches when furniture is dragged on the floor. You should also mop the floor once every week. Make sure the surface is perfectly dried to prevent the water from seeping into the wood. for maintenance products check out our web-shop.

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