Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing by MP Schuurtechniek! There is no better place to start revamping your home than your wood floor. In most cases, the floor takes in a lot of pressure from the high traffic of the users in the home. As such, it loses its elegance and sometimes its functionality. This, in turn, affects your home’s aesthetics and value. We know how this makes you feel and are ready to help you restore your floor’s glory. Having been in the game for over 30 years, we know the ins and outs of floor sanding and hardwaxing. Let us help you!

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

Hardwaxing for Extra Protection of the Floor

When it comes to flooring, there are different ways to finish it, but hardwaxing stands out from the rest. While all of them offer a protective film to your flooring, hardwaxing ensures that your wood is protected from the inside to the outside. This means your hardwood flooring will be protected all around, thus enhancing its durability.

Why Should You Consider Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing?

One of the most common reasons for sanding and hardwaxing is floor damage. Various things cause the damage, including water, spills, stains, and wear and tear. The latter is bound to happen, especially when your home has a high traffic of adults, kids, and pets. Pets are notorious for scratching the wood floor, which can cause aesthetic and structural degradation. for maintenance products check out our web-shop.

Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing



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Benefits of Hardwax Oil

Hardwax oil has numerous benefits on your wooden flooring. First, you get to enjoy your floor for longer without needing repairs. Our sanding and hardwaxing experts use modern-day technology and the right oils and waxes to ensure the floor is strong enough to handle everyday traffic. We assure you that the floor will last at least five to seven years. Besides the durability, hardwax oil seeps and penetrates deep into the wood, thus enhancing the grain and grant. This gives it a more natural appearance and that desired lustre and sheen.

Crucial Maintenance Tips for a Hardwax Oil Floor

As mentioned earlier, wood floor sanding and hardwaxing can last you any time between five to seven years. However, with good maintenance, you can have the floor serve your home even longer. Here are a few maintenance tips you can perform to ensure your hardwax oil lasts incredibly longer.

• Wipe the spills and spots as soon as they happen
• Use floor protector pads for your furniture and heavy appliances
• Sweep or vacuum first before cleaning
• Use the right liquid cleaners (non-abrasive)
• Give it a wet mop only when needed
• If you have pets, have their nails well-trimmed
• Get professional cleaning bi-annually

Get Wood Floor Sanding and Hardwaxing

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